Anthony Cloyd

Medical student Anthony Cloyd had never left Nebraska until he came to Brown—his dream school.

An athlete for much of his childhood, Anthony Cloyd had an early interest in sports medicine, but midway through his undergraduate years as a biology major at Hastings College, something more compelling drew him to the field.

“What got me passionate about medicine is health disparities,” he says. “If you look at disease onset or outcomes, it’s usually earlier or more severe in minorities … and that didn’t sit right with me.”

I just fell in love with the people, the atmosphere. This is definitely where I belong.

– Anthony Cloyd

A strong urge to be a role model was also a huge motivator. “As a minority student, I did not see very many doctors that looked like me, especially in Nebraska,” he says. “I think it helps to have someone that looks like you, treating you.”

Brown was exactly where Anthony wanted to train because, he says, it aligned perfectly with what he wanted to do in terms of promoting more racially diverse, culturally competent physicians. He was thrilled to receive an interview at Brown, and admits to being nervous—but it did not take long to adjust to the idea of being a student at the Warren Alpert Medical School.

“I just fell in love with the people, the atmosphere,” he says. “This is definitely where I belong.” The next hurdle was cost. As he spoke with the financial aid office, he maintained that his heart was in Rhode Island and he really wanted to come here, but that it depended on financial aid. “That was the ticket, if we’re being real,” he says. “Without a scholarship, I wouldn’t have come here.”

In October 2018, Anthony had the opportunity to meet his scholarship donors at a dinner they hosted on campus. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “I just wanted to hear all of their stories,” he says. “A lot came up in common just around the table between all of us. I feel very fortunate to be on the receiving end of their award.”

He has adjusted to life in Providence well and says that he is overwhelmed by all the support he has received from the Brown community. “I’m still realizing the significance of how big and supportive the Brown alumni network really is. They’re offering emails and phone numbers and saying, ‘If you need anything, please call,’” he says. “That’s extremely humbling to be a part of, moving forward in my career … and it makes me excited to be one of those alumni someday.”