Dr. Patricia Cioe presented on E-Cigarettes with HIV-Positive Smokers

Dr. Patricia Cioe presented an abstract titled, "An Open Pilot Study To Examine The Acceptability And Health Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes in HIV-Positive Smokers " at the European Society for Nicotine & Tobacco Research in Oslo, Norway on September 13, 2019. This pilot study demonstrated improvements in carbon monoxide levels, cigarette dependence, respiratory symptoms, and intention to quit among HIV-positive smokers who were not able or willing to quit smoking.

Dr. Patricia Cioe has received a 2-year R21 award

Dr. Patricia Cioe has received a 2-year R21 ($388,876) award, titled, "A Peer Navigator Model to Improve Quit Attempts, Quitline Use, and Smoking Cessation Rates among HIV-positive smokers, from the National Cancer Institute. This randomized clinical trial will examine whether assigning Peer Navigators to smokers for the purpose of navigating cessation resources, accessing medications for quitting, and providing social support for quitting will improve smoking cessation outcomes among HIV-positive smokers.

Dr. Cassidy speaking at the Tobacco Regulatory Science meeting

Dr. Cassidy will be giving a talk at the upcoming Tobacco Regulatory Science meeting. She will present on how a new policy that would make cigarettes less addictive may benefit young adults who smoke.

Dr. Haas-Koffler received an R01 Award from NIH/NIAAA

Dr. Carolina Haass-Koffler has received a R01 Award ($2.5M) from the NIH/NIAAA. A focus on alpha-1 blockade as a novel pharmacological treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD). The goal of this study is to understand the role of stress in the development of AUD therapies that target noradrenergic blockade. This study proposes a 16-week, between-subject, double-blind, randomized clinical trial with doxazosin compared to placebo

Dr. Rosemarie Martin, invited as a Subject Matter Expert!

Dr. Rosemarie Martin, Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, was an invited subject matter expert at National Governor’s Association (NGA) Southeast Regional Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) workshop. Through a partnership with the American Correctional Association & the CDC, NGA brought 5 states to the table to discuss access to MAT for justice involved populations.

Dr. Cara Murphy was a contributor on a newly published book!

Dr. Cara Murphy was a contributor on the now published book: Compulsive Eating Behavior and Food Addiction: Emerging Pathological Constructs edited by Dr. Cottone, Dr. Sabino, Dr. Moore, and Dr. Koob!

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$12.5M grant awarded, to create a research center on substance misuse and chronic disease

Dr.s Jennifer Tidey, left, and Peter Monti, both professors within Brown University's School of Public Health, will lead a newly funded Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) focused on the intersection of substance use and disease.



Photo: Nick Dentamaro/Brown University

Dr. Martin was recenly awarded $10.8 million for Opioid Treatment for people in the Justice System

Dr. Rosemarie Martin was recenly awarded $10.8 million for Opioid Treatment aimed at parolees and people on probation. The research award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was made to Brown University School of Public Health for research by Rosemarie Martin, Ph.D., and Damaris Rohsenow, Ph.D., along with Lauren Brinkley-Rubenstein, Ph.D., of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.