Proposal Development

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is committed to assisting researchers with their proposal writing efforts. The OVPR’s staff is charged with providing information and one-on-one support to faculty members who are planning a proposal submission with the goal of making proposals more competitive.


As we build a team of staff who can help researchers with their proposal writing efforts, we are beginning by providing information on, and assistance with, non-discipline related sections of proposals that might require specialized expertise. Large proposal efforts now often require detailed management plans, evaluation plans, or plans for program sustainability. For example, a multi-institution research proposal will almost always require a management plan that describes the organizational structure and how information will be shared among investigators.


A proposal requesting funding for an undergraduate educational program will require a plan for program evaluation and often some sort of statement about how the project will be addressing diversity issues. Proposals of this type will also generally expect principal investigators to be knowledgeable of mentoring literature. A large proposal to develop a center will require all of the above, plus a statement on how the program will be sustained after the initial funding period, as well as a plan for outreach. Review panels are becoming more and more critical of these aspects of proposals that might not have anything to do with the field of study of the proposed activity. We can assist PIs in making their proposals more competitive by helping with these non-discipline related proposal components.


The Office of Research Development is available to help faculty write management plans, evaluation plans, background on diversity at Brown, and broader impact statements. On this page, you will find links to instructional information on how to write a management plan or evaluation plan. The Office of Research Development can provide general boilerplate statements that can be tailored to your proposal as well as gather specific institutional data on diversity for individual proposals and we are also happy to provide editorial help to faculty if it is needed. Also, we maintain a library of recently successful grant proposals available as models. For further information contact Amy Carroll at (401) 863-6301. 

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