Coeus Proposal Development

The Proposal Development Module in Coeus has been designed to allow departmental administrators and investigators to develop full proposals from the desktop, create budgets using University and/or Department approved rates, electronically route and approve proposals, and electronically submit proposals to


Proposal Development Documentation:


General Proposal Preparation & Budget Guides:

These guides provide detail and instruction on the steps needed to complete a Proposal in Coeus Premium or Coeus Lite.


Proposal Development Module Overview

Updated May 2013

Coeus Premium Proposal Preparation Guide (4.5.1.X)

Updated May 2014

Coeus Lite Proposal Preparation Guide (4.5.1.X)

Updated May 2014
Proposal Hierarchy Guide Updated July 2014
Budget Specific
Coeus Cost Element/Subcodes Updated May 2014
Cost Sharing - Overview of Process
Updated April 2014

Salary Inflation - Anniversary Date - Premium


Salary Inflation - Anniversary Date - Lite

Updated January 2014
Revised Budget Process Overview Updated June 2015
Submitting a Revised Budget Updated July 2014

Agency Specific Proposal Preparation Guides:

These guides provide further detail and instructions to give agency specific instructions for S2S submission, particular solicitations, and agency guidelines. 


National Institute of Health (NIH):

NIH S2S User Guide Updated April 2014

Change/Corrected Application -  Premium

Updated April 2014

Change/Corrected Application -  Lite

Updated April 2014
RPPR (Research Performance Progress Report) in Coeus Updated July 2013
NIH Fellowship Guide and List of Questions on Fellowship Questionnaire Updated November 2011 and March 2010
NIH Institutional Training Grant Guide and List of Questions on Training Questionnaire Updated June 2013 and April 2010
NIH Modular Budget in Coeus  Updated March 20, 2012
NIH Salary Cap Procedure Updated January 24, 2014
NIH Salary Cap Worksheet Updated October 9, 2015
NIH Salary Cap Quick Guide Updated April 2014
*NEW* - NIH K99/R00 COEUS Specific Budget Instructions Updated July 2015

National Science Foundation (NSF):

NSF S2S User Guide Updated January 2011
Requirements for Different Types of NSF Submissions Updated May 2010
NSF Specific Instructions Updated November 2010
NSF / Submission Validations Updated April 2015

Other Agency specific documents:

NASA S2S User Guide Updated April 2014
NASA Specific Instructions Updated June 2015
eBRAP Specifc Instructions Updated June 2015
NIH/NSF Additional Investigator(s) Questionnaires Updated July 2012

Sponsor Related Questionnaire ( Questions)

Updated May 2013
2 Digit Country Code Updated February 2013
3 Digit Country Code Updated February 2013

Other Coeus Overviews and Quick Guides:

These documents provide additional information about preparing proposals and budgets, approving proposals, and viewing proposals and awards. 

Approval Guide for OSP/BMRA Updated July 2011

Bypass Approval Policy

Updated June 2013
Investigators & Key Persons Tab Updated June 2009

Navigation - Icon Toolbar Guide

Updated June 2013

Navigation - Menu Bar Guide

Updated June 2013

PI YNQ Worksheet

Updated Dec 2015
Proposal Validations/ Specific Validations Updated May 2011

Roles - Department Roles and Rights

Updated May 2013

Rolodex Guide - Adding People to the Rolodex

Updated October 2014

User Attached S2S Forms - Premium

User Attached S2S Forms - Lite

Updated January 2014

Viewing Basics in Coeus

Updated May 2013
Work Flow for Proposal Submissions Updated April 2011
Coeus Science Code Listing for Proposal Development Updated July 2015
Coeus NSF Code Values Updated July 2015
Known Coeus Bugs & Issues Updated September 2015

Coeus Upgrade Notes:

Coeus Upgrade 4.5.1 P2 Coeus Updated 1/19/14
Coeus Upgrade 4.5.1 P1 Coeus Updated 6/23/13
Coeus Upgrade 4.4.3 Coeus Updated 2/27/11

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