Separation Checklist for Managers

When an employee leaves his or her position there are a number of things department needs to do to cleanly end the relationship. The following steps are meant to assist with administrative requirements in relation to separating employees:

  1. If the employee hasn’t already done so, ask him or her to provide a letter of resignation that includes a reason for leaving as well as the last day of work.
  2. Confirm the final vacation payout with the employee.
  3. Forward the letter of resignation and vacation payout amount, to the department’s Workday HR Coordinator so that s/he has the information needed to process the resignation in Workday with accurate dates and reasons for leaving.
  4. Confirm a forwarding address or pick up location for the employee’s final pay check.
  5. Set up a plan for knowledge transfer and transition of work to other employees.
  6. Remind the employee to visit the section of this website for separating employees and to complete an online employment exit interview.
  7. Retrieve, cancel or secure the following items:
    1. Office, building and desk keys
    2. Brown ID card
    3. University-owned cell phone or blackberry
    4. Brown voice mail (cancel the account or consider adding an extended absence message to refer callers to an alternative contact)
    5. University-owned IT equipment, e.g., laptops, tablets, flash drives
    6. University-owned AMEX card and/or purchasing card (return to Controller’s Office and cancel account)
    7. Signature authority and/or other duty of care accounts, e.g., Boise/Officemax, if applicable
    8. Access codes for computer files
  8. If the employee owns a departmental email account, assign a new owner.
  9. Make arrangements to remove former employee’s name from department email distribution lists and emergency contact lists. 
  10. If needed, discuss with Computing and Information Services the best practices for adding a custom response to the employee’s email account to refer people to an alternative contact person.
  11. Refer to the Hiring Staff section of the HR website for guidance on posting the position and identifying a replacement.