Student Employment FAQs

How do I complete the I-9 form?

Please click here to view the student instructions for completing the I-9 Form in Workday. The I-9 Form is not finalized until you present your documents to the HR Service Center (HRSC). Please contact the HR Service Center for assistance.

How do I search for student jobs?

Log into Workday and enter Find Student Jobs in the Workday search bar. A list of active student job postings will be available for you to view and apply. Please refer to the How to Search for Student Jobs job aid for additional information.

I am an International Student, can I work without a U.S Social Security Number?

Yes, International students who do not have a U.S. Social Security Number can begin working upon completion of the Form I-9. However, once you have been hired for a job on campus, you have 90 days to apply for and provide a U.S. Social Security Number to the HR Service Center. Please visit the OISSS website for additional guidance and information on the application process.

I am an International Student, are there any other requirements I need to complete in addition to filling out the I-9 form/student onboarding?

All International students must enter their information into Sprintax Calculus by first emailing [email protected] and requesting a username and password from the Foreign National Tax Office.

Do I need to complete a new I-9 form for every job I work?

No. The Form I-9 is valid for the duration of your time at Brown. International students are required to submit new work authorization after their initial authorization expires for their I-9 to remain active. In some cases, if a student takes a leave of absence from the University, they might be required to update their I-9 Form when they return

When can I start to work? 

Students must complete the I-9 Form process and confirm with their manager that their job has been approved in Workday before they begin to work.

When and how do I get paid for my time worked?

Non-exempt student workers are paid on the bi-weekly payroll. Students must enter and submit all hours worked in Workday every week by midnight on Saturday. Please refer to  the student job aid for entering time in Workday.

Do I need to set up direct deposit?

It is not required, however, individuals are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit so timely payments are received. Students who do not set up direct deposit will receive paper checks that will be delivered to their campus mail box. Please refer to Payroll direct deposit FAQ’s for additional information. 

I am an International Student, can I set up direct deposit? 

International Students who have a U.S. social security number can set up direct deposit with a U.S. bank account. Please note, Payroll can not process direct deposit until a valid U.S. Social Security Number is on file in Workday.  

I have set up direct deposit in Workday. Why am I still receiving a paper check as my payment?

It takes the Payroll department at least one pay period to process direct deposit. Please refer to the direct deposit FAQs on the Payroll website for additional information.



Last updated: March 2022