Student Hiring Best Practices

Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment

Many students have an academic year work component as part of their financial aid package, referred to as Federal Work-Study or Campus Employment. Confusion sometimes exists concerning what the amount awarded represents and how the funds are to be used.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is awarded to students as part of their award as a work opportunity; it is not a requirement.  It is assumed that students will work during the academic year to earn funds to cover some of the indirect expenses in their budget (personal, books, or travel).  In order to hire any student, a department must already have funds in its operational budget to pay the student. 

  • University Work Scholarship - Sidney Frank Scholars
    To learn more about Sidney Frank Scholars please visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

Types of Job Opportunities

Student Employment is an integral part of our campus community that benefits both students and departments. Student jobs exist in both academic and administrative departments and consist of a wide range of opportunities - some requiring basic skills, while others call for more extensive knowledge or experience in a particular area.

Student Job Postings

How to Apply for a Student Job

Student Opportunities Payment Categories

Student Job Posting Requirement

As outlined in Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University, University Human Resources is committed to recruiting a diverse pool of applicants for all open positions, including those for student workers. Equitable student hiring practices means that we select student candidates based on their qualifications and that we make all student positions accessible to all students.

To ensure that all student positions are readily accessible to all students, all student jobs must be posted in Workday. Student positions must be posted for a minimum of five business days, and departments should work to post positions in advance of the start of each semester. On rare occasions, and with senior-level approval, limited exceptions to posting will be considered.

Departmental Student Job Promotions - a job of a higher grade level is only available to a student who has worked in a specific position of a lower grade level within the same department. Students who meet the prerequisite may be promoted from within the same department, and the position does not need to be posted. The promotion must still comply with established Grade Level and Hourly Rate Requirements, as determined by Student Employment/University Human Resources. Students must be provided with a job description of the new job.

  • This exception does not apply to prerequisites based solely on a requirement of having taken a specified class and/or having skills or prior experience outside the department; these jobs must be posted. For the exception to apply, a student must be currently or previously employed by the department, and the work performed by the student must be the prerequisite for the higher-level job.


Student Workers - Everything you need to know

Student Worker Management in Workday


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