At the heart of the possibility for creating a just world lies the quality and depth of our understanding about the histories and present day formations of race, ethnicity and indigenous communities.

In this historical moment, the United States finds itself caught between the widespread narrative that we live in a society no longer structured by racial, indigenous and ethnic discrimination and the rather extraordinary conditions across nearly every aspect of society that demonstrate a very different reality.

A key facet of our mission at CSREA is to close this gap in ways that are creative, rigorous, and compassionate while refusing to soft-peddle the work we have in front of us.  Through informed, relevant and accessible programming we provide researchers and the public with deeply informed presentations on crucial issues of the day.    

Brown University is an ideal home for the work we do at CSREA. Our students and faculty consistently embrace interdisciplinary collaboration and often pursue connections between research and real-world problem solving. Prioritizing race and ethnicity as central research areas across various disciplines enables and intensifies our ability to develop new ideas, raise new questions and hopefully generate more useful answers.   

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Tricia Rose