Message from the Director

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At the heart of the possibility for creating a just world lies the quality and depth of our understanding about the histories and present day formations of race, ethnicity, and indigenous communities.

Dear Friends,

In 2016, CSREA moved to a fantastic and central campus location where we continue to support research and provide public programming on race and ethnicity. We continued many of our ongoing programs and special lecture series and we have expanded our programming areas, hosted visiting faculty, and added graduate student professionalization seminars. We’ve had a busy and exciting year.

CSREA is fueled not only by faculty, student and community interest and engagement, but also by the state of the world around us. We believe that creating a just world requires developing a deep understanding of our history and the ideas and actions that stand in the way of justice and inclusion. Equally important are the traditions of resistance and hope that have emerged in response.

Accessible knowledge and research are crucial to democracy and justice. This is why we remain committed to building research community and to producing presentations by some of the best scholars and artists working on race and ethnicity in America. And this is also why we record and make available on our website many of our programs. The work of our colleagues at Brown and beyond are central to the development a body of knowledge and understanding that can help us build a more just world.

Tricia Rose
Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America
Chancellor’s Professor of Africana Studies
Associate Dean of the Faculty for Special Initiatives


Necessary Dialogue
Making a dynamic space for thoughtful and timely discourse about race and ethnicity.
Brown University 2013 Annual Report