Course Innovation Grant

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for use in the academic year 2023-2024.

CSREA invites tenured and other long-term faculty whose scholarship focuses on race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the United States and work that connects the U.S. to related transnational contexts, to apply for a Course Innovation Grant for use in academic year 2023-2024.

The Course Innovation Grant is designed to support Brown faculty who are eager to develop, revamp or refocus existing courses to more centrally include or update topics of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity. These discretionary funds are meant for limited experiments or one-time investments that improve individual courses and foreground development and innovation broadly defined, as well as providing the opportunity for collaborative innovation across and between accredited institutions. Funds may be used to support a wide range of experiential learning formats and contexts, with robust support for student researchers, books and other learning supplies, as well as modest travel funds. Awardees will be asked to provide a brief summary of their activities at the end of the grant period.

For information on past Course Innovation examples, please view our most recent Annual Report.


For all members of the Brown University faculty interested in working on issues of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the U.S. or in U.S. related transnational contexts.  

the grant
  • Faculty provided with up to $1,000 in books and other learning supplies and up to $3,000 in graduate student research assistance support. 
  • Awarded grants may be approved/awarded to grantees for a smaller budget or an otherwise modified version of the proposed expenses. We cannot guarantee awarded funds to be available beyond the fiscal year for which they were awarded.


Applicants must complete this application form to be fully considered. Applications will be reviewed by the CSREA Faculty Advisory Board (FAB). Other relevant faculty within or external to Brown may be consulted at the discretion of the FAB.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Submissions for academic year 2023-2024 courses are encouraged by Friday, March 31, 2023.

Questions? Please contact CSREA Program Coordinator, Maggie Murphy.