Humanities Lab

Application due: Friday, May 1, 2020 for Spring 2021 or Fall 2022 Labs

CSREA invites all ranks of tenure-stream faculty (lecturer-track, tenured, and tenure-track faculty) whose scholarship focuses on race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the United States or comparatively, to participate in the Humanities Lab Program in AY 2020-21. 


The Humanities Lab is an open and experimental humanistic inquiry-based concept and initiative designed to generate original explorations of central and complex issues and topics related to race and ethnicity. We imagine this as a space in which unexpected connections and “what if” based explorations generate new ideas and perspectives. The field of possible ideas is meant to be open while remaining relevant.

Lab leader(s) receive(s) a total stipend of $10,000 to design, lead, direct and present the lab project. Additional funds (up to $7,000) for guest presenters, project supplies, modest travel funds are available. Technology and staff support will be provided.

Labs may be focused on a single important issue such as sanctuary, water access, reparations, freedom, justice, migrations, walls, borders and boundaries, debt, literacy, language, internment or imprisonment, etc. They may also take up an examination of particular historical moments, figures or events, or a lab may want to focus on an existing archive or expressive practice. 

Humanities labs may be curriculum-based seminars or other similar length formats. They can be attached to/framed within an existing seminar at the undergraduate or graduate level. Labs are led by 1 to 3 faculty and may have between 3 and 15 students. Technological support and facilitation will be provided. 

Labs will be expected to produce accessible and innovative outcomes. Outcomes will have some form of public-facing dimension in the form of a presentation, or performance, including websites, infographics, blogs, short films, essays, poetry, podcasts, graphic novels, etc. A final report on the lab will be submitted. 


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Application due: Friday, May 1, 2020, for spring or fall 2021 Labs.
Award notification: June 2020

Questions? Please contact CSREA Associate Director, Stéphanie Larrieux.

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