Faculty Grants

CSREA Faculty Grants

Application deadline: April 5, 2021 for academic year 2021-22.

CSREA Faculty Grants are designed to support the synergistic development of intellectual community and research on campus by funding and staffing campus-based events or supporting research focused working groups. We invite Brown University faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students with faculty sponsors to submit proposals that focus on issues of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the U.S. and work that connects the U.S. to related transnational contexts. CSREA program grants will be supported by our space and staff based on scheduling and other considerations. See previous and upcoming grant-sponsored events to get a sense of what developed out of recent years of research grant-making. 


We accept proposals from all Brown faculty and postdoctoral fellows interested in working on issues of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the  U.S. and work that connects the U.S. to related transnational contexts. Collaborative proposals are encouraged (e.g., faculty within and across departments or even across local/regional institutions, and Brown faculty/student collaborations).

the grant

Funds may be used to support speakers, lecture series, films, events, and symposia, as well as fund a clearly delineated working group for meetings, materials (books, etc.) visitors and presentations. Funds may not be used to support research trips, stipends, or salaries.

CSREA Faculty Grants must follow CSREA event guidelines and procedures. These grants are not simply funding sources to support events led by other groups, centers, or staff. Faculty Grant Events are events run and coordinated by CSREA staff, in conjunction with the faculty grantee.
We do not allocate Faculty Grants for events that require substantial co-sponsorship funds to be realized nor do we provide co-sponsorship funds via this faculty grant program.

Be advised that awarded grants may be approved/awarded to grantees for a smaller budget or an otherwise modified version of the proposed event. We cannot guarantee awarded funds to be available beyond the fiscal year for which they were awarded.

Grantees will be asked to provide a brief summary of their activities at the end of the grant period.

Maximum Faculty Grant Award: $3,500.

application process

Applicants must complete this application form to be fully considered. Applications will be reviewed by the CSREA Faculty Advisory Board (FAB). Other relevant faculty within or external to Brown may be consulted at the discretion of the FAB.


Applicants must complete the application form, using the spaces allotted to describe the project as requested. In addition to this form, applicants should attach a projected budget and timeline and indicate whether or not the project is being funded by other sources. 

The CSREA Faculty Advisory Board will evaluate proposals. Other faculty members may be consulted at the discretion of the Board. Accepted proposals will be based on proposal quality, viability and potential contribution to the study of race and ethnicity in the U.S. on the campus.

Grantees will be asked to provide a brief summary of their activities within one month of the end of their project. 


Applications for AY 2021-22 grants are due on Monday, April 5, 2021, by 5:00 p.m. EDT. Awardees will be notified in May 2021.21.

Questions? Please contact CSREA Program Coordinator Saraya McPherson with any questions.  

Application Form

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Co-Sponsorship Funds

Request co-sponsorship funds for an event outside of the Faculty Grant program (please note that most co-sponsorships are within the $100-$500 range).

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Special Consideration Events

Faculty proposed events with projected budgets over $5,000, click below to submit the event for possible special consideration (very limited option).

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