Graduate Student Research Grants

CSREA invites Brown University graduate students conducting research on and writing in areas related to the study of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the United States, or U.S.-related transnational contexts to apply for a CSREA Graduate Student Research Grant.

Please review submission rules and requirements below. Click here to apply.


The maximum award is $1,000.00 to pursue research in support of a dissertation or other major research project. Awardees will be expected to formally report on their findings to the CSREA community.


The purpose of the CSREA Graduate Student Research Grant is to support Brown University graduate students as they conduct research for a dissertation or other major research project related to the study of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the United States, or U.S.-related transnational contexts. Graduate students in any field or department at Brown are eligible to apply.  Doctoral students will be given priority, however, all qualified graduate students (MA, MFA, etc.) are encouraged to apply. In order to receive the grant, awardees must be in good academic standing as determined by their department.

Acceptable uses of funds include research travel, supplies, and/or software, or other justifiable research expenses. Funds may NOT be used for the purchase of hardware or equipment such as computers, laptops, phones, etc.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • A cover letter. This one-page document should discuss what the applicant hopes to achieve during the research grant period and how/why the funds would be especially helpful in accomplishing the goals. The cover letter should also include mention of any relevant academic or work experiences that relate to the project.
  • A project description (200-300 words).
  • A budget proposal.

Applications will be reviewed by the CSREA Faculty Advisory Board (FAB). Other relevant faculty or parties may be consulted at CSREA's discretion. Accepted proposals will be based on their quality, viability, and potential contribution to the study of race and ethnicity in the United States and surrounding areas.


The deadline for the grant cycle beginning Summer 2023 is Friday, April 14, 2023. Awardees will be notified in June 2023. Funds must be used by June 1, 2024.

Questions? Please contact CSREA Program Coordinator, Maggie Murphy at [email protected].¬†