Exhibit Opening, "ARTivism: Power, Healing, and the 2016 Presidential Elections"

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America (CSREA), Lippitt House

Artworks created by students in "Racial and Ethnic Politics and Policy in America," a Fall 2016 class taught by Professor Yalidy Matos.

Part of the assignment is to get students of voting age excited about voting, voting, and thinking through their own power when it comes to elections. Part of the assignment is to use their knowledge as a way to express what they feel about the current political state of affairs, and use art to not only express their knowledge and feelings, but as a process of coming to terms with what politics is like now and how to move forward as human beings, but also as voters (for those who are eligible). In essence, this project has allowed students to express their thoughts and feelings, but as a healing source to move forward in a time where it is hard to exist.