The Third Rail Series

The Third Rail Series aims to address some of the most thorny and contentious social, political, and cultural issues related to race and ethnicity in contemporary society. 

Charged yet pivotal subjects such as affirmative action, welfare, immigration amnesty, reconciliation over slavery and Native American sovereignty, genocide, structural racism, colorblindness, cultural/racial/ethnic stereotype, mass media imagery and everyday racism will be addressed by respected scholars on the subject. Their accessible public presentations will be designed to inform and move public discussion forward. 


The Future of Policing in America: A Third Rail Conversation with Connie Rice

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America (CSREA)

This Third Rail dialogue tackles the complex, urgent and difficult subject of racism and policing. Connie Rice is a distinguished lawyer, activist, and co-founder of the Advancement Project. She is widely recognized for her leadership of diverse coalitions and her non-traditional approaches to litigating major cases involving police misconduct, employment discrimination, and fair

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