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Supporting faculty innovation in STEM teaching

Develop hands-on, inquiry-based activities related to your research

Research Impact staff advise faculty interested in developing hands-on activities and inquiry-based activities related to their research. These activities can be used by faculty to engage the broader community with their research.

Support design innovations and assessment of Broader Impacts activities

We provide intensive one-on-one consultation to help faculty design innovative assessment rubric for their broader impacts projects. We also assist faculty with data gathering, analysis, and assessment; and we can help in the dissemination of best practices to the broader community. 

Foster collaborations with external partners

Research Impact staff, in collaboration with the Swearer Center can help faculty develop strong external partnerships with formal and informal educators and administrators. 

Not sure where to begin?

Fill out this brief form to get connected with a member of the Engaged Scholarship & Broader Impacts Joint Committee who can help make your research impact ideas a reality.