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This is an initiative to show public high school students the excitement of science through lessons geared toward real world phenomena, applicable learning, hands-on demonstrations, and experimentation. The program is structured so that Brown undergraduates teach and mentor several students over the course of the semester to encourage the formation of strong bonds.

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Adaptations are the macroscopic building blocks of biological evolution.  In this lesson,... [more]
How can physics and image analysis tools be used to solve crimes?Can the physical properties of a... [more]
What is chemical equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle? [more]
The goal of this lesson is to introduce students to the basic principles of chemical structure and... [more]
What are the appropriate roles for scientific technology and human judgment in bringing... [more]
To understand static electricity, electric current, and simple circuits [more]
This lesson plan is for an interactive an engaging lesson that teaches highschool students about... [more]
Explain how we see/touch/feel pain [more]
How does the nature of sound lend emotion to music? [more]
The purpose of this lesson is twofold. Firstly, the lesson aims to teach students about several key... [more]
  What is energy?  How can it manifest itself?  What is a... [more]
What is a feedback loop? What is homeostasis? How does the body work to maintain homeostasis? [more]
What is the Central Dogma?What role did RNA have in the origin of life? [more]
What is the composition of air?What is the purpose of air?What are the layers of the... [more]
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