Providing Students Access to Research

Research at Brown: Internal Research Opportunities

Each summer, more than 400 students conduct research at a laboratory on Brown's campus.  Other students find research opportunities at Brown-affiliated facilities such Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, and the Marine Biological Laboratories in Woods Hole, Massachussets. The programs supported directly by Brown are listed below under "Internal Research Opportunities."

Internal Research Opportunities

Many scientists at Brown or affiliated with Brown have additional grant funding to support undergraduates. The best way to find out about these opportunities is to contact scientists directly and ask them about funding availability. Most students make connections with faculty by talking directly to their academic advisors and past and present course instructors. For more information about the research interests of faculty, go directly to the department websites, which will have links to individual faculty websites. Further information can be found by searching the website of the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR):

OVPR Faculty Research Database

Research Away From Brown: External Research Opportunities

A significant number of students also find research positions at labs external to Brown:

External Research Opportunities