Graduate Awards in Brain Science

Applications closed. A new call for applications will be launched in the Spring of 2021.

The Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science invites applications for Graduate Awards in Brain Science. These awards recognize outstanding and productive mid- to late-stage Ph.D. candidates conducting brain science-related research in a Brown graduate program. Awards cover full costs for two academic semesters plus one summer, beginning in Fall 2020. Awards will also provide $3,000 in additional support for travel expenses related to meeting attendance, workshop registration fees, or research costs. However, total costs associated with each fellowship must not exceed $55,000.

Applicants must have chosen their dissertation advisor and must have passed their qualifying examinations and have advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding research productivity as evidenced by publications, meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, or other relevant indicators. Applicants must also articulate their future career objectives. Applicants must demonstrate intellectual independence through their research statements, and this independence should be reflected in the letters of support.

We accept applications in any research area of brain science. However, some funding for Carney graduate awards is directed toward specific research areas. For consideration for funding from the Daniel Cooper Graduate Student Fellowship Fund, we encourage applications for research related to brain circuitry, neurotransmitters, and neuromodulation in psychiatric illness and human behavior. For consideration for funding from the Dr. Achilles Frangistas Fund, we encourage applications for research related to neurodegeneration. All applications will be evaluated together. It is NOT necessary to state special consideration for a specific fund.

Applications will be accepted through UFunds. Search for “Carney Graduate Awards” – “Academic Year 2020/2021.” Applicants must complete the application form and attach a single pdf containing:

  • 0.5-page lay level description of applicant’s research, including its impact and importance
  • 2-page description of research including goals, approach, progress to date, and anticipated progress during the fellowship year
  • 0.5 page of future research and career goals
  • 2-page CV including publications, abstracts, educational history, and other professional experience

Applicants must also arrange for at least two letters of support. Through UFunds, applicants indicate the email address and name of the recommenders. A request will be sent to each of them with a link to fill out a separate form and upload the letters.

  • Faculty Mentor - 1-page statement of support, including an explanation of the student's current source of funding and why this support would be beneficial
  • Member of the student’s thesis or advisory committee - 1-page statement of support

Please note that following submission, we will contact all applicants’ Directors of Graduate Studies to confirm that they are in good academic standing.

Applications will be judged based on the applicant’s academic record, quality of research, research productivity, scientific independence and maturity, and potential to make future research contributions. Where appropriate, we will also consider how applications meet the goals and purposes stipulated for specific funds that support Carney graduate awards.

For questions, contact David Sheinberg.

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