About South Street Landing


South Street Landing was developed by Boston-based firm CV Properties, LLC in partnership with Wexford Science & Technology.

In addition to Brown University offices, it also houses the Rhode Island Nursing Education Center (where Rhode Island College and University of Rhode Island will share facilities) and a 744-space parking garage. Additionally, Wexford has partnered with GMH Capital Partners to develop a 270-bed graduate and medical student housing complex at South Street Landing, called River House, which will be available for occupancy in 2019.

As stated in Building on Distinction, the University’s vision for Brown in the Jewelry District is to be a partner in the development of a vibrant ecosystem of academics, commerce and innovation. Brown has invested more than $200 million in the Jewelry District, including the state-of-the-art Alpert Medical School education building, the School of Professional Studies, the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine, and more.

Already, the South Street Landing project is having the intended impact of serving as a catalyst for further economic growth. In September 2017, the University finalized a 15-year lease for 50,000 square feet of space in the Innovation Center being developed by Wexford Science & Technology in the Jewelry District. The building will house Brown’s School of Professional Studies and will also serve as home to the Cambridge Innovation Center and Johnson & Johnson, with occupancy targeted for early 2019.

The following 11 Brown offices are now located at South Street Landing: Division of Advancement; Office of University Communications; Environmental Health and Safety; Finance Division (Accounts Payable, Office of the Controller, Budget Office, Insurance & Purchasing Services, Treasury, and Academic Finance and Administration); Business and Financial Services; Office of the Vice President and General Counsel; Government and Community Relations; Human Resources; Internal Audit Services; Real Estate and Auxiliary Housing; and Office of the Vice President for Research.