Building Configuration

The new South Street Landing building will also house the Rhode Island Nursing Education Center (where Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island will share facilities), and the project will include a 270-bed graduate and medical student housing complex (completion projected for late 2018) and a 744-space parking garage. 

Assigned Floors

Brown University administrative offices will occupy a portion of the third floor and the entire fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the former power station. Other spaces in the building will be devoted to the Rhode Island Nursing Education Center. The graphic below shows the floor assignments for the space Brown will occupy. 

Assigned Floors for Brown OfficesAssigned Floors for Brown Offices


Floor Plans

The floor plans below show where each office will be located. Clicking on a floor plan will display a larger version of the image.

South Street Landing - 3rd FloorSouth Street Landing - 3rd Floor

South Street Landing - 4th floorSouth Street Landing - 4th floor

South Street Landing - 5th FloorSouth Street Landing - 5th Floor

South Street Landing - 6th FloorSouth Street Landing - 6th Floor