Status Updates

Brown University will relocate 11 administrative units to South Street Landing in the Jewelry District, beginning in summer 2017. Brown has signed a lease with developer CV Properties, LLC, to occupy approximately 136,000 square feet in the building. This page provides updates about aspects of the development that are specific to the parts of the building that will house Brown offices. 

October 2017

As Brown staff begins their three-phase move to South Street Landing this month, the University has launched the online Guide to Working in South Street Landing, an internal site available to anyone with Brown login credentials. 

The site is an easy reference guide for working at South Street Landing with information about and links to a broad range of topics. This will be an evolving web site, with information added as needed in the future. 

July 2017

The phased move-in dates for South Street Landing have been finalized. Staff will be relocating on October 27, November 10 and December 1, with different offices moving on different dates. To see the full plan, view the phased move dates in detail.

May 2017

To ensure that staff relocating will experience the smoothest transition possible to their new space, the scheduled July and August moves to SSL have been postponed until late October and early November. This change accommodates ongoing work by the developers and their construction team to complete Brown’s spaces in the building. 

Though the construction timetable remains very close to the original schedule, work on various features in our future space must be completed to make the space fully operational and comfortable for the Brown staff members who will relocate. 

As originally planned, the relocation will be a phased-in move with the 11 administrative departments moving in at different times over the course of four to five weeks. Facilities will work with departments in coming weeks and months to decide on dates for each department’s relocation.

January 2017

Construction on South Street Landing continues. Core and shell work is progressing on all levels and is scheduled for completion in the coming weeks. Interior work to prepare the building for occupancy will continue through spring 2017.

Recently, modifications were made to the original building plans. As originally designed, the eastern portions of the fifth and sixth floors extended into an existing National Grid aerial power line easement. In fall 2016, National Grid informed the developer that the new construction could not extend into the easement due to concerns about the safety of construction activity taking place beneath the power lines — namely, erecting a steel structure beneath high-voltage electrical lines. 

Accordingly, the design of these two floors has been modified slightly to negate the need for construction activity beneath the power lines. Brown has been satisfied that the change resulted in only a negligible decrease in total square footage, and the revised plans provide no loss in space for any of the Brown departments at South Street Landing.

January 2016

In January 2016, employees in the 11 Brown departments moving to South Street Landing toured design mockups of workspaces for the new building. Relocating employees who did not get a chance to tour the mockups or who took a tour and wanted to reacquaint themselves with the designs, could explore them via video (the video does not reflect project changes since January 2016, such as decisions affecting office furniture).

All relocating employees were asked to complete a survey to provide feedback to help Facilities Management with final decision-making and design of workspace details. The survey closed Jan. 29, 2016. The responses helped identify specific areas of focus for the planning process. The list below represents some of the staff input that the planning team worked to address:

  • Desire for new furniture in the offices and huddle rooms
  • Opportunities to best facilitate small, in-person meetings
  • Larger, more functional furniture in the huddle rooms
  • Providing monitors in huddle rooms for team meetings 

The South Street Landing project team shared with the relocating departments a commitment to addressing staff feedback to the full extent possible within the project constraints.

Summer 2015

The building core and shell construction for South Street Landing began during summer 2015, and the construction for the Brown interior space followed. A Brown project team representing units across campus continued to work alongside the developer on a number of key planning issues for South Street Landing, including opportunities to enhance overall neighborhood security, provide parking accommodations and improve the transportation network that will integrate South Street Landing with College Hill. Several initiatives regarding transportation began during this phase of the project and continue to be critical in helping to establish how we will facilitate movement around campus. Inter-campus shuttle buses are expected to be an important component of our transportation strategy. See the FAQ section of this website for more information on transportation.


Throughout 2014, the University engaged in planning for relocating various administrative offices to South Street Landing. Project planners welcomed open conversations and responded to questions during town hall meetings and departmental presentations. The theme for these conversations was “re-imagining your workplace.” Resources from these meetings continue to be available on the resources page of this website.


Brown President Christina Paxson announced to the Brown campus community plans for a redevelopment project in the Jewelry District. This was the same year that the president released the Building on Distinction strategic plan outlining a vision for Brown for the next decade and beyond. The strategic priorities included efforts to make more space available on College Hill for initiatives and programs.