Editorial Style Guide

The intent of this Editorial Style Guide is to serve as an effective resource for communicators across the Brown campus to establish consistency in editorial style for websites, print publications, social media and more. Learn more about the Editorial Style Guide or download a PDF of the style guide.

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An abbreviation meaning “for example.” It is always followed by a comma.


Write email addresses in lowercase and link to the address online, but do not italicize. Do not use hyphens to break email addresses. If at all possible, do not break an email address in a line of text. If an email address must be broken between two lines, break it after the “@.” If an email address falls at the end of a sentence, it should be followed by a period.


Not the same as retired. The title emeritus (for a man) or emerita (for a woman) is awarded to many but not all retired faculty members who keep their rank. The plurals are emeriti (for more than one professor, male or female) and emeritae (for more than one female professor). Place the word “emeritus” after the title.

  • Angela Winston, professor emerita of economics

endowed chairs and endowed professorships


Capitalize the formal names of special events.

  • A Day on College Hill (ADOCH)
  • Alumni Fall Weekend (distinct from Family Weekend)
  • Baccalaureate, Baccalaureate Ceremony, Baccalaureate Service
  • Campus Dance
  • Commencement (See: "Commencement")
  • Commencement and Reunion Weekend
  • Convocation, Opening Convocation (See: "Convocation")
  • Family Weekend (not Parents Weekend)
  • Indigenous People’s Day (note the placement of the apostrophe)
  • Match Day (for medical students)
  • Midyear Completion Celebration
  • Orientation (See: "Orientation​")
  • Reading Period
  • Reunion, Reunion Weekend
  • Spring Recess, Spring Break
  • Spring Weekend
  • Summer@Brown (pre-college program)
  • Wintersession