Editorial Style Guide

The intent of this Editorial Style Guide is to serve as an effective resource for communicators across the Brown campus to establish consistency in editorial style for websites, print publications, social media and more. Learn more about the Editorial Style Guide or download a PDF of the style guide.

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The word “faculty” takes a singular verb. Use “faculty members” and “staff members” to avoid awkward singular constructions.


Lowercase in most body copy. Capitalize only as a title when immediately preceding the name of a member of the Corporation’s Board of Fellows.

  • She is a fellow of the Corporation.


First-Generation College and Low-Income Student Center

on second reference, FLi Center

first-generation students

Refers to students who are the first in their families to attend a four-year college. Avoid the more casual “first-gens.”

fiscal year

Capitalize when used with the year. On second reference, use FY with the two-digit year directly after (no space). Use lowercase when referring in general to the fiscal year.

  • The results were an improvement over Fiscal Year 2016.
  • We are expecting a continuation of the trend in FY17.
  • The fiscal year ended June 30.

foreign students

Use “international students” instead.


Use “first-year student” instead. Avoid the more casual “first-years.”

fundraising, fundraiser