Editorial Style Guide

The intent of this Editorial Style Guide is to serve as an effective resource for communicators across the Brown campus to establish consistency in editorial style for websites, print publications, social media and more. Learn more about the Editorial Style Guide or download a PDF of the style guide.

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magna cum laude

Do not capitalize or italicize. This is the only honor Brown grants at Commencement.


Meiklejohn Advising Program

Meiklejohns (individual advisers)

Note: Descriptive, explanatory phrasing should accompany the first reference of this program, given that “Meiklejohn” has no meaning to anyone away from Brown.


Use a dollar sign and numerals from $1 through $999,999 and any time a precise amount is required. Use figures and a combination of numerals and words/decimals for numbers greater than $1 million. In body copy, extend decimals to two places, rounding the last decimal (e.g., $3.27 billion).


To be consistent, use a hyphen between the numeral and the word when forming a money-based adjective.

  • James W. Head received an $8.7-million grant from NASA.


Capitalize when referring to Earth’s Moon.