Job Descriptions

For every staff position at Brown, there is a corresponding job description that accurately describes the job. The job description outlines the position’s major responsibilities, details how the responsibilities are accomplished, and identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the job. University Human Resources (UHR) recommends revisiting and updating the job description in line with the yearly performance evaluation cycle. Job descriptions are maintained in Workday and should be shared with each newly hired employee.

For guidance on writing new job descriptions or updating existing job descriptions, please refer to the online training module called How to Write Effective and Inclusive Job Descriptions in Workday Learning.   This module provides guidance and resources on how to write a job description that is clear, concise, inclusive and accurately defines the position.  

Recognizing that creating a job description can be a time-consuming process, below are some generic job descriptions to review and edit. While a grade has been included for each, appropriate grade levels for positions will depend on such factors as reporting relationships, the extent to which work and decisions are delegated, dimensions, etc. UHR will review the job descriptions and assign appropriate grades as needed. Staff can directly access their current job description in Workday by running the My Job Description report by typing the report name into the search feature. 

Generic Job Descriptions



Administrative Support

Administrative Assistant (Academic Dept) - Grade 6.doc

Administrative Coordinator - Grade 7.doc

Administrative Coordinator - Grade 8.doc

Executive Assistant - Grade 7.doc

Executive Assistant - Grade 8.doc


Communications & Outreach Coordinator - Grade 8.doc


Financial Assistant - Grade 6.doc

Financial Assistant - Grants - Grade 7.doc

Financial Coordinator - Grade 8.doc