Form I-9 Remote Process

The remote I-9 examination process is an optional alternative procedure to the in-person physical examination of the documentation presented by individuals seeking to establish identity and employment authorization for the purpose of completing the Form I–9.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the remote I-9 process:

1. Schedule a Google Meet appointment with the HR Service Center. All appointments will be in Eastern Standard Time.

  • The HR Service Center will send an email confirming the appointment. 
  • The HR Service Center will also send a detailed email outlining the process.  

2. Complete All Onboarding Tasks in Workday

  • Individuals must log into their Workday account and complete all Onboarding Tasks. The direct deposit election task will be completed during the meeting.
    • Please ensure you have access to your Workday account during your appointment.  
  • Staff/Faculty employees refer to the onboarding email from the HR Service Center for information regarding the onboarding tasks.
  • Students refer to the Student Onboarding Instructions. 

 3. Email PDF Scan of the Original Acceptable I-9 Document(s), using a secure email, to [email protected].

  • The PDF scan must be received by the HR Service Center before your appointment. 

4.  Virtually Meet with an HR Service Center Coordinator

  • During the live video appointment, the individual must show the original I-9 document(s) they sent via secure email to the HR Service Center. The HR Coordinator will verify the document(s) details. 


  • Individuals must have a reliable internet connection and access to a device equipped with a functional camera.
  • Participation in the Zoom call is restricted to the Brown University employee only and translator if applicable.
  • Per Federal Form I-9 guidelines, the Form I-9 must be completed within three business days from the employee's hire date. If the Form I-9 is not completed within three business days of the employee's hire date, the employee may be terminated for I-9 non-compliance.