Applied Mathematics - Computer Science


The Sc.B. concentration in Applied Math-Computer Science provides a foundation of basic concepts and methodology of mathematical analysis and computation and prepares students for advanced work in computer science, applied mathematics, and scientific computation. Concentrators must complete courses in mathematics, applied math, computer science, and an approved English writing course. While the concentration in Applied Math-Computer Science allows students to develop the use of quantitative methods in thinking about and solving problems, knowledge that is valuable in all walks of life, students who have completed the concentration have pursued graduate study, computer consulting and information industries, and scientific and statistical analysis careers in industry or government. This degree offers a standard track and a professional track.

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Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Develop an interdisciplinary foundation in math, applied mathematics and computer science
  • Acquire advanced skills in critical and quantitative reasoning
  • Design a focus area around a coherent theme
  • Engage in a senior capstone project and produce a final paper or software project


Click here for a list of the Applied Mathematics - Computer Science concentration requirements.

Honors and Capstones

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Students interested in becoming candidates for Honors should contact the concentration advisor(s) for Applied Math-Computer Science.


  • Professional Track

Liberal Learning

This concentration allows you to address the following Liberal Learning goals:

  • Collaborate fully
  • Engage with your community
  • Develop a facility with symbolic languages
  • Experience scientific inquiry

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201723 23 

Alumni Pathways

Previous concentrators have become software engineers, federal employees, investment analysts, and computer consultants. Many have pursued graduate degrees in applied mathematics, economics, or business studies.

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