Applied Mathematics - Economics


The Applied Mathematics-Economics concentration is designed to reflect the mathematical and statistical nature of modern economic theory and empirical research. This concentration has two tracks. The first is the advanced economics track, which is intended to prepare students for graduate study in economics. The second is the mathematical finance track, which is intended to prepare students for graduate study in finance, or for careers in finance or financial engineering. Both tracks have A.B. degree versions and Sc.B. degree versions, as well as a Professional track option. 

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Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Become familiar with the key concepts and theories in micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics
  • Grasp the basic tools, methods, and findings of several fields of economics
  • Apply mathematical concepts and statistical techniques to research problems
  • Analyze the interdependence between the elements of complex systems
  • Collaborate with a faculty member on a senior capstone experience


Click here for a list of the Applied Mathematics - Economics concentration requirements.

Honors and Capstones

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Students may be eligible for honors if they maintain 3.7 GPA for Economics courses and a 3.5 GPA overall, and write an honors thesis in senior year following the procedures specified by the concentration. Interested students should email the honors application form to Angelica Spertini, Academic Programs Manager, in their junior year and meet the requirements listed in the Economics department's website.


  • Advanced Economics
  • Advanced Economics - Professional
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Mathematical Finance - Professional

Liberal Learning

This concentration allows you to address the following Liberal Learning goals:

  • Collaborate fully
  • Engage with your community
  • Develop a facility with symbolic languages
  • Experience scientific inquiry

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Alumni Pathways

The Applied Mathematics - Economics concentration prepares students for graduate study in economics and finance and careers in finance or financial engineering. Recent alumni have gone into professions as diverse as management consulting, actuarial work, the law, and photography.

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