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Although Brown offers nearly 80 concentrations, a small number of students have academic interests that fall beyond the scope of these offerings. Brown allows these students to design their own concentrations through the Independent Concentration (IC) program. The IC program is for exceptionally dedicated students who are willing to spend extra time and effort creating a “new” concentration, representing a coherent field of study that Brown does not offer. Such fields may include emerging topics, such as "sustainable technology," or broader interdisciplinary areas, such as "Deaf and Disability Studies." Students interested in pursuing an Independent Concentration are strongly encouraged to review the IC website, speak with the Curricular Resource Center's IC Coordinator and with the IC Dean (Dean Chang) and to review previous proposals in the CRC's library.

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Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Design a curriculum around a broad problem or theme not covered in the Brown curriculum
  • Collaborate closely with faculty sponsors
  • Produce a significant piece of original research or creative work


Click here for a list of the Independent Concentration requirements.

Honors and Capstones

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All concentrators must complete either a one-semester capstone project or a year-long Honors thesis. Please consult the program's website for admission procedures and requirements.

Liberal Learning

This concentration allows you to address the following Liberal Learning goals:

  • Enhance your aesthetic sensibility
  • Expand your reading skills
  • Collaborate fully
  • Understand differences among cultures
  • Embrace diversity
  • Engage with your community
  • Develop a facility with symbolic languages
  • Learn what it means to study the past
  • Experience scientific inquiry
  • Evaluate human behavior
  • Work on your speaking and writing

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Director of Undergraduate Studies

Graduating Class

Year Total Capstone Honors
201312 12 
201417 17 
201525 25 
201628 28 12 

Alumni Pathways

Alumni who have created their own concentration at Brown have gone into a variety of industries, including medicine, architecture, and finance. Continuing the entrepreneurial spirit that led them to create their own concentrations, many are now chief executive officers and presidents of their firms.

See more details on the CareerLAB website.

Dept. Undergraduate Group

Student Leaders:

  • Dolma Ombadykow
  • Neil Wathore
  • Alex Vidmar

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