Italian Studies


Inherently interdisciplinary, the Italian Studies concentration allows students to strengthen their language skills in Italian and deepen their knowledge of Italian literature, history, art, and culture. Most concentrators have some background in Italian language. However, it is possible to concentrate in Italian studies without having studied the language before coming to Brown, although doing so requires an early start. After fulfilling the language requirement by completing up to Italian 0600 (or the equivalent), students enroll in a variety of advanced courses, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the concentration. Junior concentrators often study abroad in the Brown Program in Bologna. All senior concentrators participate in the “senior conference” by delivering brief presentations on academic topics of their choice in Italian Studies. Concentrators might also pursue capstone research, writing, or multimedia projects.

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Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Demonstrate fluency in Italian through the advanced level
  • Deepen their knowledge of Italian literature, history, art and architecture, film, or performance
  • Study Italian culture in Bologna
  • Engage in a culminating research or creative experience through a capstone or Honors project


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Honors and Capstones

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Concentrators are encouraged to expand their understanding of Italian language, history, or culture through independent research that will result in a thesis, a translation, or a multimedia project. Students who intend to complete an Honors project should enroll for the first semester in Italian Studies 1920 (independent study), and have their project approved by their advisor by October 15. During the second semester, Honors students enroll in Italian Studies 1990 and continue to work with their advisor to complete the project. Please consult the department’s website for admission procedures and requirements.

Liberal Learning

This concentration allows you to address the following Liberal Learning goals:

  • Enhance your aesthetic sensibility
  • Expand your reading skills
  • Collaborate fully
  • Understand differences among cultures
  • Embrace diversity
  • Engage with your community
  • Develop a facility with symbolic languages
  • Learn what it means to study the past
  • Work on your speaking and writing

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Alumni Pathways

Alumni with Italian Studies degrees now work in the foreign service, management consulting, education, biological anthropology, and in film.

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  • He Ri Kwon

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