Research Seminar with Eric Tang (University of Texas at Austin), "From Camps to Ghettos: Thinking in Refugee Time"

CSREA Conference Room, Hillel 303

This seminar will explore methods for researching how refugees in urban America conceive of the continuities between the past and present, between camp and ghetto—two distinct yet related, in not contiguous, territories. Tang will elaborate on the concept of "refugee temporality:" the manner in which refugees understand the long and unbroken time and space of their captivity.

Please RSVP: [email protected]Location of seminar may change if the number of RSVPs received exceeds the capacity of our conference room.

Cosponsored by the Departments of Africana Studies, American Studies, and Urban Studies. 

Eric Tang is an Assistant Professor in the African and African Diaspora Studies Department and faculty member in the Center for Asian American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. A former community organizer, Tang has published numerous essays on race and urban social movements, including award-winning writing on post-Katrina New Orleans. Unsettled: Cambodian Refugees in the NYC Hyperghetto is his first book.