Frequently Asked Questions for Practitioner Fellows


When is the deadline?
The deadline can be found on the CSREA website and on the Interfolio application. All materials are due at 11:59 PM Eastern on the date of the deadline.

How do I upload letters of recommendation?
As you prepare your application materials, Interfolio will ask for the email addresses of your recommenders. They will then be sent links via Interfolio to upload your confidential letters of recommendation: How do my letter writers submit a letter of recommendation to Interfolio?

What are the file types and sizes accepted by Interfolio?
A list of accepted file types and sizes is listed here: Accepted File Types

Can I submit a website or video link as part of my materials?
Yes, you can add links to web pages that will display in Interfolio’s document reader: Accepted File Types

I am having a technical issue with the Interfolio system. Who should I reach out to for help?
Please contact [email protected] for any technical issues.  


Can I apply as a current undergraduate student, graduate student, or employee of Brown?
No. The fellowship cannot be awarded to those with a current Brown affiliation.

Is the fellowship open to graduate students external to Brown?

Can I apply to the CSREA Practitioner Fellowship in addition to Mellon Arts/Practitioner Fellowship opportunities at Stanford University (CCSRE), the University of Chicago (CSRPC), or Yale University (RITM)?
Yes, you may apply to programs at all four schools. However, should you accept a Mellon Artist/Practitioner Fellowship at one of the schools listed above, you are not eligible to receive a comparable fellowship from a partner institution.

Is the fellowship open to international applicants?

Are scholarly projects included in the scope of this fellowship?
No. The fellowship is intended for creative and/or non-scholarly works. For those internal to Brown, the Brown Faculty Fellows program is an opportunity to workshop scholarly work. For those external to Brown, the Visiting Faculty Fellows program is an opportunity to workshop scholarly work.

Is there an education requirement for applicants, i.e. bachelors, masters, doctoral degree holder etcetera?
No, there is no requirement in terms of educational attainment.


What kinds of projects are the selection committee looking for?
We encourage proposals from artists and creatives as well as writers working outside of academia for projects that focus on issues of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in the United States and the Americas or in related transnational contexts, and are open to innovative and experiential mediums and ways of engaging with those topics.

Does my project qualify?
The selection committee is unable to individually assess or advise on project proposals prior to application submission.

Is it possible to meet with a member of staff to discuss my application?
No. Due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to meet one-on-one with prospective applicants.


Where can I find a list of previous fellows?
Current fellows and previous fellows are listed on the CSREA website.

When will the in-person Capstone Week take place?
Dates and times for the in-person capstone week are to be decided and will depend on university guidelines regarding traveling and travel-related spending in spring 2024.

I didn’t receive an offer for a fellowship this cycle. Can I reach out for feedback on my application?
No. Due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to provide individual feedback on applications.