Social Science Research Lab

The Social Science Research Lab (SSRL) is an instructional and research computing lab operated by the Department of Sociology.

We offer 21 Windows workstations for use by Sociology-affiliated graduate and undergraduate students. The lab also provides an enterprise grade networked printer, a large-format color poster printer, and presentation equipment for use within the department.

For presentations or instruction, we include two 80" flat screen panels linked to a Windows workstation.

Each workstation has copies of Microsoft Office, SPSS, Stata, SAS, ESRI ArcGIS, R, nVivo, StatTransfer/AMBeta, and other special-purpose social science applications. Modest documentation for programs such as STATA can be found on the SSRL file share.

We assist in establishing trainings to our graduate students in the use of Stata, SAS, ArcGIS, R, and data security best practices. Teaming up with colleagues in the Population Studies and Training Center, we can also provide assistance on such topics as effective presentation of quantitative information, creating large-format posters, and the effective use of other social science software.

For more information, please contact the Social Science Research Lab System Administrator, at extension 3-2550.