Organizational Studies Track

Track Director: Mark Suchman (on leave, AY 2022-23)

Interim Track Lead Advisor: Lisa Di Carlo

Concentration Advisors:  John B. DiamondNicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, Michael Kennedy, Laura López-SandersJosh PacewiczJ. Timmons Roberts, and  Carrie Spearin.

The Organizational Studies degree track (“OS”) provides a solid foundation in sociological theory and methods, coupled with a focused expertise in sociological research on work, management, leadership and entrepreneurship, spanning the businesses, non-profit, and government sectors. This track option is available in both Sociology and Social Analysis and Research concentrations. Students who successfully complete the OS degree track requirements will graduate with a transcript notation reading "Organizational Studies”.

Through this track, SOC and SAR concentrators develop crucial analytical and methodological skills for careers in:

  • Public, private, and non-profit management and consulting
  • Law, health, finance, public relations, information technology and other professions
  • Commercial and social entrepreneurship
  • International, national, and local activism and policy-making
  • Organizational, economic, and market research

The Organizational Studies track also provides outstanding preparation for postgraduate study in a wide range of fields, including business and management, public policy, law, health sciences, and sociology.

OS Track Requirements For A.B. Sociology

OS Track Requirements For Sc.B. Social Analysis and Research