Recent Student Publications

Brown University Sociology Graduate Student Publications -- featuring 2016 and 2017 graduates & current students with publication dates from 2015-forward:

Adhikari, Anindita and Taylor, Peter. 2016. “Transformative Education and Community Development: Sharing Learning to Challenge Inequality” pp 189-204 in Class, Inequality and Development edited by Mae Shaw and Marjorie Mayo. UK: Policy Press

Alfonso-Cristancho, R., Andia, T., Barbosa, T., & Watanabe, J. H. (2015). Definition and Classification of Generic Drugs Across the World. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy13(Suppl 1), 5–11.

Bellman, Benjamin, Seth E. Spielman, and Rachel S. Franklin. 2016. “Local Population Change and Variations in Racial Integration in the United States, 2000-2010.” International Regional Science Review

Bohrt, Marcelo and José Itzigsohn. 2015. “Class, Race, and the Incorporation of Latinos/as: Testing the Stratified Ethnoracial Incorporation Approach.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 1(3):360-377

Botoeva, Aisalkyn. Forthcoming. “Transnational Islamic Banks & Local Markets in Central Asia” in Islam, Society and Politics in Central Asia. Pauline Jones Luong (eds).

Bouek, Jennifer W. 2017. “Navigating Networks: How Nonprofit Network Membership Shapes Response to Resource Scarcity.” Social Problems.

Bouek, Jennifer W. Forthcoming. “The Rise and Falter of Emergency Food Assistance.” in Food and Poverty: Food Insecurity and Food Sovereignty among America’s Poor, edited by Hossfeld, Leslie E., Brooke Kelly, and Julia Waity. Nashville, TN:Vanderbilt University Press.

Bradlow, Benjamin. 2015. “City learning from below: urban poor federations and urban knowledge generation through transnational, horizontal exchange.” International Development Planning Review. 37(2), 129-142.

Bradlow, Benjamin. 2015. “Quiet Conflict: Institutional Change, Informal Settlement Upgrading, and Formalized Partnerships Between Local Authorities and Urban Social Movements in South Africa.” in Peter Herrle, Astrid Ley, and Josefine Fokdal (eds.) From Local Action to Global Networks: Housing the Urban Poor. Ashgate Publishing. 89-108.

Brown, Karida, 2015 (accepted for publication). “Diaspora Starts at Home: Towards a multidimensional conceptualization of home.” DIASPORA: A Journal of Transnational Studies.

Brown, Karida, 2015 (conditionally accepted for publication). “The Hidden Injuries of School Desegregation.” American Journal of Cultural Sociology.

Brown, K.Murphy, M.W., and Porcelli, A. (Forthcoming Fall 2016). Ruin's Progeny: Race, Environment and Appalachia's Coal Camp Blacks. Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race.

Ciplet, David, Timmons Roberts and Mizan Khan. Power in a Warming World: The New Politics of Global Climate Change. Accepted for publication by The MIT Press. Manuscript is in revision; publication scheduled for fall 2015.

Ciplet, David, Timmons Roberts and Mizan Khan. 2015. “A Neo-Gramscian Approach to Climate Politics.” Invited for the Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Climate Governance. Forthcoming.           

Ciplet, David. 2015. “Rethinking Cooperation: Consent and Inequality in International Climate Change Politics.” Global Governance 21(2): 247-274.

Das, Maitreyi B., and Ieva Zumbyte. 2017. "The Motherhood Penalty and Female Employment in Urban India." Policy Research working paper 8004. World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Hammer, Ricarda. 2017. "Epistemic Ruptures: History, Practice, and the Anticolonial Imagination." In International origins of social and political theory, pp. 153-180. Emerald Publishing Limited.

Heymann, Jody, Kristen McNeill, and Amy Raub. 2015. “Rights Monitoring and Assessment using Quantitative Indicators of Law and Policy: International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.” Human Rights Quarterly 37(4): 1071-1100.

Itzigsohn, José and Brown, Karida. 2015. “Sociology and the Theory of Double Consciousness: W. E. B Du Bois’ Phenomenology of Racialized Subjectivity” Du Bois Review, 12(2) 1– 18.

Jenkins, T. M. 2015. 'It's time she stopped torturing herself': Structural constraints to decision-making about life-sustaining treatment by medical trainees. Social Science & Medicine, 132, 132-140.

Kallman, Meghan Elizabeth, and Terry N. Clark. “The Third Sector”. (Forthcoming, 2016), University of Illinois Press.

Kallman, Meghan Elizabeth. 2015. ‘Technical, Emotional, Professional: Idealism and Commitment in the Peace Corps’ in Materiality, Rules, and Regulation, François-Xavier du Vaujany & Nathalie Mitev, eds. London: Palgrave.

Kreisberg, A. Nicole and Jeanne C. Marsh. 2016. “Social Work Knowledge Production and Utilisation: An International Comparison.” British Journal of Social Work 46(3):599–618.

Lotesta, Johnnie. 2016. “The Strength of Civil Society Ties: Explaining Party Change in America’s Bluest State.” Research in Political Sociology, 24, 257-287

Logan, John R. and Benjamin Bellman. 2016. “Before The Philadelphia Negro: Residential Segregation in a Nineteenth-Century Northern City.” Social Science History 40(4): 683–706.

Mahon, Adam, Kristen McNeill, and Jody Heymann. 2015. “Pension Programs Around the World: New Comparative Global Policy Data.” Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis 17(2): 192-207.

Masood, Syeda. Forthcoming. "Negotiations in the Zones of Intimacy: Inter-Faith Romantic Relations and Culture Work in a Pakistani Neighborhood." in Pakistan: Alternative Narratives, edited by Ayesha Asif. Oxford University Press.                                                          

Murphy, Michael Warren. (Accepted and Forthcoming). “No Beggars Amongst Them”: Primitive Accumulation, Land Dispossession and the Impoverishment of the Narragansett Indians, 1636-1880. Humanity and Society.

Murphy, Michael Warren. (Accepted and Forthcoming). Mapping Environmental Privilege in Rhode Island. Environmental Justice.

Nelson, Jon and Paul Stock. 2016. “Repeasantisation in the United States”. Sociologia Ruralis DOI: 10.1111/soru.12132

Pang, Irene. 2016. “Banking is for Others: Contradictions of Microfinance in the Ghanaian Market.” Journal of World-Systems Research 22(2):335-66.

Sampaio, Dora and Rui F. Carvalho (2017) “From the Al-Maghrib to the Al-Gharb: An anatomy of the recruitment and labour incorporation of Moroccan agricultural workers in the Algarve, Southern Portugal.” Pp. 231-246 in Migration and Agriculture: Mobility and Change in the Mediterranean Area, edited by A. Corrado, C. de Castro and D. Perrotta. London, United Kingdom: Routledge.

Short, Susan E. and Jennifer W. Bouek. 2015. “Fertility Rates” in The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies edited by Nancy Naples.

Teller, Amy S. 2016. “Moving the Conversation on Climate Change and Inequality to the Local: Socio-ecological Vulnerability in Agricultural Tanzania.” Sociology of Development. 2(1):25-50.

Teller, Amy S. and Apollonya M. Porcelli. 2016. “Feminist ecology: doing, undoing, and redoing gender in science.” International Journal of Gender, Science, and Technology 8(3):382-404.

Wilder, Keenan. 2015. "The origins of labour autonomy in authoritarian Tunisia." Contemporary Social Science 10(4): 349-363.