Time and Place (unless noted otherwise):
12-1:15pm; Zoom

Spring 2021 colloquia is both tentative and undergoing active changes.

Previous Colloquia since Fall of 2017 are available.

Cristobal Young

February 16th
"Incentives and Embeddedness: Millionaire Migration After the Trump Tax Reform"

Sanyu Mojola

March 3rd @ Watson
“A Nowadays Disease”: HIV/AIDS and Social Change in Rural South Africa

Peter Rich

March 9th
Dividing Lines: The Impact of District Boundaries on School Segregation in the 21st Century

Hajar Yazdiha

March 16th
Toward a Du Boisian Framework of Immigrant Incorporation: Racialized Contexts, Relational Identities, and Muslim American Collective Action

Ericka Weathers

March 23rd
Between District Segregation and Racial Disparities in District Funding

Divya Vaid

April 13th
Gendering Social Mobility in India: Patterns and Prospects