Sc.B. in Social Analysis and Research & Concentration Requirements

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Josh Pacewicz and Carrie Spearin

Concentration Advisor: Carrie Spearin

The Sc.B. concentration in Social Analysis and Research, a STEM-designated concentration, provides both a conceptual and a working knowledge of the techniques for data collection and analysis used for social research in academic and non-academic environments. The centerpiece of the concentration is a rigorous and comprehensive collection of courses: (1) that develop an understanding of the principles underlying the processes of data collection and analysis; and (2) that train students in the application of advanced statistical techniques for data description and analysis. The concepts and skills learned in these courses are reinforced through engagement in applied research with Sociology faculty and/or internships with local organizations in the for profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Through this concentration, students develop the analytical skills that prepare them for a wide range of careers after graduation, including program administration and evaluation in government and civil society. Our graduates also continue their formal education in a variety of post-graduate areas, including health sciences, statistics, and sociology.

Concentration Requirements