Co-Directors of Undergraduate Studies: Patrick HellerCarrie Spearin

Concentration Advisors: Patrick Heller, Margot JacksonMichael KennedyCarrie SpearinNicole Gonzalez Van Cleve

Sociology has a 2-tier advising structure.

1) The first point of contact is with the faculty.  If you have an interest in sociology you should contact and meet with any member of the department.  Ideally, you should choose someone whose work, areas of teaching and research you find of most interest.  All faculty who are in residence hold office hours.  The faculty can review with you what sociology is, what sort of careers it leads to, help you make a decision about concentrating in sociology or simply which classes you should take given your interests.  All of the faculty are also available as capstone or thesis advisors.

2) If you decide you are interested in concentrating in sociology, you should go to office hours or make an appointment to meet with one of the undergraduate advisors, Patrick HellerTimmons Roberts, or Carrie Spearin.  The undergraduate advisors can go over requirements and discuss your course of studies in sociology.  Undergraduate advisors can also advise you on transfer credits and can approve petitions to have courses outside of sociology count for the concentration. If you are interested in the Social Analysis and Research concentration, you should consult make an appointment with Carrie Spearin.