Jesse L. Coe

Jesse Coe portrait
STAR T32 Postdoctoral Fellow


Jesse L. Coe is an NIMH T32-funded postdoctoral fellow at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University and its affiliated teaching hospitals (Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital). She earned her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Rochester. Dr. Coe’s program of research aims to gain a better understanding of how and why children’s early experiences with family stress and adversity influence the development of psychopathology and socio-emotional functioning. Specifically, she focuses on two main lines of work: (1) understanding links between family instability and child adjustment and (2) advancing process-oriented models of child development in the context of family risk. The ultimate goal of her research is to help inform the development of effective interventions aimed at improving the lives of families and children experiencing maltreatment, trauma, and other significant adversities.