sq_LG copy.JPGThe Childhood Stress, Trauma, and Reslience (STAR T32) T32 Research Training grant has openings for a postdoctral fellowship at the Miriam Hospital an affiliate of Brown University. Applications are due January 4, 2023. For more details, please visit the Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicants page and the link specific for Research Fellowship Program (RFP) Applicants and NIH-funded T32 Fellowships on our website.

An explicit aim of the STAR Initiative is to provide formal and informal training opportunities for future stress, trauma, and resilience scientists including research training opportunities spanning biological, psychosocial, and technological domains. Trainees affiliated with the STAR Initiative participate in monthly Adversity and Trauma Research Group meetings that provide opportunities for peer and mentored review of scholarly work, including manuscripts and grant proposals. Affiliated trainees also have opportunities to receive formal and informal mentoring from affiliated faculty who are not their primary mentor, with the goal of enriching the training experience and promoting exposure to diverse perspectives.

The department has remarkable breadth and depth of research areas of interest and expertise, and is considered one of the most outstanding academic psychiatry departments in the country. Its superb faculty are conducting cutting-edge work on the causes, mechanisms, and novel treatments for a range of psychiatric conditions. The faculty are known for our collaborative spirit, accessibility, dedication to launching successful research careers, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.