Workday Learning


Workday Learniing

Workday Learning is a platform where you can learn, develop and drive your career forward.  See below for more information on just a few of the courses available to you through Workday Learning. 

Individual Development Plan (IDP)
Goal setting is a process of carefully thinking about what you want to achieve, devising a plan, and then putting that plan into action.  The online module, Individual Development Plan, will provide you with methods, tools, and examples for creating your own development plan.​ 

Find Your Dream Job: Interview Techniques and Resume Writing 
This course is for people who want to be excited to go into work each day. It’s designed to teach practical skills to write an eye-catching resume and excel in a job interview. But it also encourages you to take the time to decide what job will truly make you happy and enhance your talents.

Managing your Career Path 
This module focuses on self-analysis and assists in career planning, whether you want to find a new job, make a lateral move, get a promotion or change careers within the same company. The material covers what you want to do, where you want to do it, financial issues and more.