Tara Mulder
“He said, He said, She said: Citationality and the Search for Women in Ancient Rome”
[Friday, January 23, 2015]

Darrel Janzen
“Tacitus and the Spaces of Imperial Court Society”
[Monday, December 15, 2014]

Tara Mulder
“Adult Breastfeeding in Ancient Rome”
[Friday, December 12, 2014]

Jen Swalec
“Epigraphic Evidence for Sacred Textiles: A Comparison of Inscriptions from Miletos and Andania”
[Friday, December 12, 2014]

Scott DiGiulio
Monumenta rerum ac disciplinarum? Varro's Reception and the Case of Gellius' Noctes Atticae Book 3”
[Monday, December 8, 2014]

Jen Swalec
“The Textile as a Sacred Gift in Antiquity”
[Wednesday, October 8, 2014]

Rachel Philbrick
“Credibility amidst the Incredible: Hyperbole and Persuasion in Ovid's Exile Poetry”
[Friday, September 26, 2014]

E. Perot Bissell
“Subsumption, Totalization & Primacy in the Narratives of Ancient Greece, Rome & the Indian Subcontinent”
[Friday, September 19, 2014]