Past Volumes

The Occasional Classicist was the official newsletter of the Department of Classics at Brown University until it stopped publication after the 28th volume in 2007.  Since then the department has grown and thrived throughout the years with many changes and enhancements.  The Classics administrative team, under the guidance of Prof. Joe Pucci, decided to revive the The OC in 2019, but only the 2007 volume remains.  We hope to recover previous volumes and create an archive on the Classics website; until then, here we provide you with the latest issue(s) of The OC.

If you or someone you know happen to have copies of The OC prior to 2007, we would love it if you could scan it and email it to us at [email protected].  

The Occasional Classicist, Volume XXXI


The Occasional Classicist, Volume XXIX