Brown Classical Journal: Call for submissions

The Brown Classical Journal invites all undergraduate students to submit their personal works relevant to the culture, history, mythology, and languages of the ancient world. These works can be based in Greco-Roman tradition as well as the traditions of any other Ancient society, East or West.

Submissions may include essays, research papers, original translations, poetry, photographs, artwork, and other creative pieces.

(Distributed November 1, 2015)

Max Rosenwasser making a splash with outcomes of summer UTRA project

Brown undergraduate Max Rosenwasser had an UTRA this summer under the direction of Professor Lisa Mignone. Max’s work consisted in a digital project that mapped sight lines and visibility as travelers came from Veii along the Via Veientana / Via Triumphalis to Rome.  One of his aims was to test Professor Mignone’s hypothesis for the location and visibility of the temple of Juno Regina on the Aventine.  One of the most exciting aspects of his research was how Max’s digitization raised questions about the lack of temples on the Quirinal Hill. (Distributed September 24, 2015)