Visiting Scholars & Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Ying Chen

    Ying Chen

    Visiting Scholar

    Ying CHEN received her Ph.D. in Ancient History from Nankai University. She went to the University of Athens as an exchange student during her doctoral education. Her research focuses on late Hellenistic, late Roman Republican, and early Imperial History. She is especially interested in the Greek intellectuals of the Roman Empire. Now she is working on the "Studies on Strabo's Geography" project,which is based on Strabo's geographical and historical narrative and sponsored by a Chinese National Social Science Foundation Grant. Her recent publications include papers on Plutarch, the reception of Homer by Strabo, and the worldview of Greeks.

  • Byron MacDougall

    Byron MacDougall

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Byron MacDougall earned his PhD in Classics from Brown in 2015 with a dissertation entitled "Gregory of Nazianzus and Christian Festival Rhetoric." His research interests focus on Classical rhetoric and philosophy in Late Antique and Byzantine literature. Before returning to Brown, he held research fellowships at Dumbarton Oaks, the University of Vienna, and Princeton. A former secondary school Classics teacher, his publications cover topics including the Cappadocian Fathers, the Ancient Greek and Latin novels, and the reception of Plato from the Second Sophistic to Byzantium.

  • Pietro Montanari

    Pietro Montanari

    Visiting Scholar

    Pietro Montanari earned his PhD from the UNAM, Mexico, and received his B.A. in Political Studies from the University of Bologna. He spent one year of his doctoral program at the Philologisches Seminar of the University of Tübingen. His research interests are both in Classics and modern-contemporary philosophy. At Brown, he will mainly work on the ideas of ineffability and conversion in Plato, as part of a wider project on the literary and religious dimensions of the Dialogues. His recent papers and publications are dedicated to different topics, such as the use of sea-metaphors in Plato and William James’ approach to religious experience. Since 2009, he has been teaching at the ITESO and other universities in Mexico.