Classics Alumnae/i

Classics Seal (Transparent Black)_0_0.pngEvery student that studies in the Classics Department at Brown is considered a valuable member of our community, even after they have graduated.  Alumni of Classics @ Brown, both undergraduate and graduate, have gone on to pursue a wide variety of careers.  Some former students have become best-selling authors, prominent politicians, classical scholars, entertainment and media executives, museum curators and docents, Hollywood actors, archaeologists, engineers, and so much more.  We consider it a privilege to have played a role in helping establish the paths taken by our talented students.

We encourage our alumni to continue to interact with the department, and the Classics @ Brown community at large.  Consider subscribing to our newsletters, submitting news updates about yourself, joining us at various events, connecting with current students as mentors, or just stopping by the department for a visit.  We would love to hear from you!