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Race & Slavery in America

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America and Office of the Provost

Race & Slavery in America

Please join us for a panel discussion, Race & Slavery in America on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, at 12 p.m. The discussion will feature:

A. Naomi Paik, “Bans, Walls, Raids, Sanctuary: U.S. Immigration and Abolitionist Futures”

, Petteruti Lounge, Room 201

This talk starts with the apparent “crises” over immigration in the contemporary moment, marked by three signature executive orders authorized by the Trump Administration in its first week in office: the “Muslim Ban,” the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids. By examining the long histories that have built a deeply rooted, robust foundation for theseRead More

Cristina García and Dariel Suarez in Conversation

, Room 117

Celebrated Cuban-American writers Cristina García and Dariel Suarez will sit down with Ralph Rodriguez, Professor of American Studies and English at Brown University, for a discussion of Latinidad, place, memory, and writing. Audience participation is invited. 

About the authors

Cristina GarcíaRead More

Panel Discussion: “Institutional Racism: The Sociology of Race and Organizations”

, Petteruti Lounge, Room 201

This event brings together three scholars working at the intersection of the sociology of race and the sociology of organizations to discuss how organizations “do” race and their role in producing or contesting racial inequality. The panelists will discuss how to conceptualize organizations as “racialized,” and how these forces shape everything from college student protests to prisoner re-Read More

Writing For A Broken World: An Evening with Cristina García and Dariel Suarez

, Room 305

Contemporary novelists Cristina García and Dariel Suarez use fiction to capture what life after the Cuban Revolution has meant for both Cubans on the island and Cuban-Americans. With great pathos, humor, and anguish, their unforgettable characters show us what’s at stake for individuals in the love and loss of nation, the love and loss of each other, and the painRead More

Heather Lee-“Acquired Taste: Chinese Restaurants and the Business of Becoming Citizens”

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America (CSREA) and Department of History
, 106

Today there are more Chinese restaurants than the combined total of McDonald’s, Burger King’s, Wendy’s and KFC chains. This talk tells the story of Chinese restaurants in the United States through immigration and labor history. The industry emerged directly from Chinese Exclusion (1882-1943), a body of U.S. immigration laws barring new migrants and preventing those already in the countryRead More

Beloved Kin and Memory Lands: Panel Discussion

, Petteruti Lounge, Room 201

This panel explores ways at Brown that we can live up to our responsibilities to this land and its people. Comments from Brown University faculty, staff, and students:

  • Lorén Spears, Executive Director, Tomaquag Museum and Adjunct Lecturer, John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and
Read More

Beloved Kin and Memory Lands: Keynote Presentations by Christine M. DeLucia and Lisa Brooks

, Petteruti Lounge, Room 201

Noted historians, both separately and in conversation, will offer a scholarly reconsideration of histories of King Philip’s War. Christine M. DeLucia is Associate Professor of History at Mount Holyoke College and author of Memory Lands: King Philip’s War and the Place of Violence in the Northeast. Lisa Brooks is Professor of English andRead More

Beloved Kin and Memory Lands: Poetry Reading by Cheryl Savageau

, Room 305

Cheryl Savageau will read from her poetry collections, Dirt Road Home: Poems (1995), which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and Mother/Land (2006). Of Abenaki and French Canadian heritage, Savageau was born in central Massachusetts. Her poetry retells Abenaki stories, often focusing on the unrecognized lives of women and the working class; her work is enrichedRead More

Policing, Warfare, Incarceration: A History of Urban Violence

Department of Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre, History, CSREA and CSSJ
, Stephen Robert Hall 101

Please join Harvard Assistant Professor of History and of African and African American Studies, Elizabeth Hinton, for her lecture, Policing, Warfare, Incarceration: ARead More