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Last Update: January 20, 2023

Key Dates

  • April/May 2023 

    • RAIS/HRPP Huron Training Sessions 

  • May 2023

    • Huron system live

Brown has chosen the Huron IRB electronic submission system as the University’s new research administration system. Huron was chosen after more than two years of comparative system testing by multiple stakeholder groups, including HRPP and ORI staff, BhRAG members, IRB members, and other key members of the research community.

The new system, Huron, will migrate selected data elements from the current research software, Coeus, to create a single portal for principal investigators and study team members, improving routing and business processes that will make review of submissions more efficient. The new electronic system will enable faculty and staff to manage study submissions in one integrated dashboard. We will use Huron for all human subjects business processes - from submission, review, and approval to post-approval monitoring - as well as to facilitate University required ancillary reviews (e.g., biosafety, radiation safety, OIT review).

When will it be implemented?

Huron will take about 12 months to be fully implemented, including the migration of study data, training of faculty and staff, as well as launching the system.

The IRB module is expected to be operational by spring 2023.

Data Preparation

The Office of Research Integrity’s QA/QI Administrator and HRPP staff are conducting multiple data integrity initiatives to prepare for the migration of active research studies to Huron. These data integrity initiatives involve an extensive review, cleaning and updating of all active human subjects protocols tracked in the current Coeus system. The data cleaning efforts are being implemented to ensure that only currently active studies are migrated to Huron and also to avoid the burden of  unnecessary migrating non-active studies. 

In the coming months, study investigators and faculty advisors, when applicable, will be contacted via email to provide the current status of their study(s). The email communication will provide a date by which a response is required. Based on the responses we receive, investigators and faculty advisors may be asked to close any studies that no longer involve human subject activities. If we do not receive a response by the date included in the email communication, the study will be administratively closed and it will not be transferred into the Huron system.


Training sessions on how to navigate the Huron system will be held by the Research Administration Information Systems (RAIS) team and the HRPP staff. Training session dates will be listed below once scheduled and available for registration. Department specific training sessions will also be available. If interested in Huron training or if you would like more information on department training, please contact [email protected]

Available training session dates will be available for registration here.

Revised IRB/HRPP Processes

The IRB/HRPP is making important revisions to our submission and review processes to align with upcoming implementation of Huron. These changes are intended to streamline functionality, ease Investigator burden and assist in the transition to our new electronic database.

Effective November 7, 2022

Effective November 14, 2022


This website will serve as a centralized resource to obtain project updates and view information related to the implementation and training of the Huron submission system. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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