HRPP Learning Library

HRPP Level: Beginner

Quorum clip art_0.jpgCreate Recruitment Materials IRBs Love

Webinar slides provided by Quorum IRB on creating recruitment materials that are both compliant and compelling. 


IRB Basics: Conducting Human Subjects Research at Brown (Video)

Learn about Brown’s human subject research policies, forms and procedures. Demystify the submission and review process with tips to a speedy approval. (Slides)


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.pngIs it Human Subjects Research? Is IRB Review Required?

Is it human subjects research? Is your study program evaluation? We discuss different types of research and how to determine if your study needs IRB review.


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.pngHerbie’s Research Pitfall Protections (HRPP): A Practical Guide to Submission Success

IRB submissions can be a maze-like jungle. Education! Forms! Data Security! Let Pitfall Herbie throw you a rope to leap safely toward IRB approval.


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.pngRecruiting for Research Studies: Tips and Tricks for IRB Approval (Video)

Want to recruit research participants but don't know where to start? Learn about the IRB's updated recruitment policy so your ads can be compliant and effective.  (Slides)


Undergraduate Research at Brown University

Learn when and how to submit an Undergraduate Project Application with helpful tips from determining if your project needs review to examples of a good submission (Slides).


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.pngClosing a Study: When and How to Manage Your Data (Video) 

When is the right time and how do you close a study? What about data management and a retention schedule? This session will answer all these questions and more. (Slides)


HRPP Level: Intermediate

Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.png

Sponsor-Investigator (SI) FDA Inspections (April 2018)

Guidance on how to prepare for and what to expect from a Sponsor-Investigator FDA inspection.


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.png

IRB Authorization Agreements (IAAs) and Single IRB Review

Are you involved in or preparing for a multi-site research study? Be aware and prepared for IRB Authorization Agreements and Single IRB reviews.


We’re Engaged! Pro Tips for a Successful Collaboration (Video)

HRPP will walk you through the steps of determining engagement in collaborative research for realistic expectations for your study’s pending partnerships. (Slides)


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.pngClinical Trial Compliance in the Era of the Revised Common Rule

Join us as we walk you through how to determine if your research is a clinical trial and compliance requirements under the revised Common Rule.


Brown HRPP 2 clip art_0_0.pngWhat's That HIPAA in the Room?

What is HIPAA? This session will offer guidance and insight when HIPAA regulations apply to research.


International Research (Video)

Are you planning on conducting international research? This session will provide an overview of the IRB policy and what information will be requested for submission. (Slides)